What Travel Agents Need to Know About Corporate Travel Today


This is just a name age travellers-centering and with the development of a new age of personalized travel; it is a leader in the field of scientific research and development of a number of new so-called intellectual services. Command-and-control-perspectives of travel has changed, from the past and the focus shifted more on the travelers and the efficiency of each trip. It became necessary to assert that travelers have the highest return on investment for each trip. A new generation of young professionals and leaders that grow and live in the digital age, to move up the ranks as travelers. Seen has become indispensable, the need for greater flexibility, the recognition that the staff of that outlet trips, on business trips to consider also be the percentage of your travel stay. With increasing globalization and advancement in the company to send your employees can communicate abroad and to contact their offshore stakeholders/customers/suppliers, business tourism is very lucrative travel segment. Before talking about how the travel company to better suit business travellers, let us first see, why use expensive, specialized corporate agencies, which compared to conventional agents

Why do companies use corporate travel agencies?

This may be the main issue for the travel Agency, so you need to specialized agencies corporate travel, if you have a lot of regular travel agents on the market. Here the importance of corporate travel are the offices that have online systems for business travelers allow you access to your full travel plan.

The following information at their fingertips from the CTAs:-

complete business route
up-to-date tracking details of the flight, including the delay or reconstruction)
transparent details on additional costs, such as charges for excess baggage or in-flight fees
Travel-warnings, if any, in certain areas
complete and current information on visa procurement identification regulations not required
Currency requests and conversion rate
What will the company do corporate clients expect from Travel agencies?

Negotiated Fares

Corporate agencies usually have relationships with hotels, rental cars, tickets, etc. providing them access to lower prices, which is only by frequent business travelers. Reduced prices are not the only advantage, because they also provide flight upgrades, room upgrade and VIP check-in lines as required.

Detailed information about the travel industry

Corporate travel agents have access to many travel resources and particularly fast as any other vacation-travel Agency. Additional information to help make business travel more comfortable and more comfortable.

Changes in the route

If airline need a ticket to the postponed or cancelled, the chances of the airline or online service provider fees, high fees. When booking with corporate travel agents, most of the time, schedule changes can be made in zero or minimal additional cost of paint.

Useful Emergency Contacts

It is important to achieve for business travelers who need a person in the need of difficulties. Corporate travel agents have the experience and professionalism to relieve stress, both for travelers and for businesses.

Consider what you need, as corporate travel increases?

Business Travel barometer reports, corporate tourism characteristic rapid growth. However, if poorly managed, can be beneficial for the company and can be really problematic. There are some factors that should attract businesses and CTAs attention to get the most out of the time spent to travel.

Adoption of travel policy

Corporate travel policy is to be applied and respected from travelers at all levels needs to be determined. This policy should be used to track standards that help improving the business of tourism. It helps, finally, the cost of the whole package.

Do not limit the autonomy of travelers

The management is responsible for budgeting, travel policy, which helps to improve management costs, however, it is also important, some autonomy for travelers. Policies should be flexible enough to travel to adapt to the situation.

Traveler’s safety should be an important task

Business travelers need the security in place. The company should stick to its definition of standards for employees-honesty. Which CTAs should be reliable partners (travel, insurance companies, airlines, hotel chains, etc.).

Mobility and automation

Optimize your time and simplify administrative processes management platforms must use automated processes. This means that you need to take a mobile solution, in which the parameters of the search, travel warnings, booking of tickets etc to go comfortably, quickly and on the go.

Business travel trends in 2016

Business travel trends tend to change regularly. In 2016 it is also not specified and travel management companies (TMCs) and corporate travel agencies (CTAs) are focused enough to steady, if not strong-axis all the way through. The growing MICE sector, investments in big data and mobile and the enhanced focus on fiduciary duties are some of your main priorities.

The Price Increase

Consolidated key word among the global vendors, flights, hotels, etc. – increasing rates. It will generate sometimes when moving from suppliers discounts, journey to encourage, if there is a sharp decline in demand. Positive 2016 the world economy, the rising price of tickets by a few percentage points of the hotels is expected to increase by 4% -6% of the average world prices and competition will remain moderate in the office of the rental.


Risk management is one of the key points, the value for enterprises. Corporate clients, so that new measures and improved technologies to monitor employees ” in an emergency, especially if you travel in foreign areas. For example, the same risk messaging helps to determine that travelers are moving in the world and alerts you with alternative travel as and when required.

Focusing on MICE

The meeting industry is an important growth sector and corporate tourism development trends. Corporate travel agencies needs to begin better orientation meeting different procurement methods, with their temporary journey sourcing. One way might be to expand the variety of meeting services use incentive travel inside it.

Investment in technology

The emphasis on the growing importance and more and more traveler-centric can be done by mobile technology. Mobile and big data two important technological investments that companies need to focus a travel Agency is surely to make its platform more attractive.

Business travel analysis Brexit

Following Brexit, ACTE and Capa rumours. In their opinion, the greatest short-term impact on the tourism industry come from the weakening of the pound against other currencies of the world. Greeley Koch, Executive Director of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, said the business travel industry is becoming a trend on currency fluctuations; with some companies who take advantage of the weak pound and more travel, while others may refuse, business travel, markets world your own level.

The impact of terrorism on travelers

The journey of politicians and administrators must be guided by the growth of terrorism scare. For managers and employees of the company, travel on behalf of the company, travel agencies and corporate travel agencies (CTAs) must demonstrate confidence in their safety by policies. It’s more than likely that the studies on travellers, which reflected a General concern about the global business travelers about the wave of terrorism. He does not deny, however, the fact that the terrorist threat has changed the picture of business travel. The main attack that you need to keep in mind that companies that provide travel services to travelers that need your attention to safety and risks in the provision of services for corporate clients. After the last confirmation, travel Manager higher evaluation of their political effectiveness travelers to cope with risks compared to business skeptical.


Although the corporate sector travel continued progress, there are many problems in the industry. A rapidly changing consumer market, the emergence of new business models, impact of technology, man-made and natural crises are one of the fulcrum-point that must be considered when planning business trips.


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