What Does Office 2016 Mean to a Small to Medium Business?


Microsoft Office 2016 was released 22. September. Every company to upgrade a number of factors should be considered.

I need to upgrade?

How annoying is this update?

I pay for an upgrade license, or is it my driver for the transition to Office 365 and pay a monthly fee, rather now as an upgrade-fees every few years?

As a small business owner himself and a supplier of technological services for small businesses, I thought on various current issues, and then did some games on the number of devices to find the answers.

As stated the UI?

The interface doesn’t change aesthetic revision to give it more Windows 10 look and feel is good, but in General, real functionality and how it is applied, has a very. It is a good thing for you and your employees.

The main changes based on cooperation between people, especially if tied to Office 365. Office, a lot of time alone set of tools now tools, with which it is teamwork directed on, or at least in the beginning in the head. Documents can be shared in the app, worked together, and co-author, with the ability to real-time entry work employee, how to edit the document. The experience is a bit variable depending on which application you use, though.

Let’s take the Word as an example. Save the file in the Internet (for example, OneDrive for Business), click on “Share” opens the charging box, select the person you want to share, and they leave. Then you have a lot of control over who can and can’t do that.

Using PowerPoint you can also send a document for free, but have very little control over what your employees do and can not do, and preview changes in real time is problematic. Microsoft update features as time goes by, I’m sure users more consistent application experience.

In Outlook, you can e-mail a link to a file to OneDrive instead of attaching the file itself, and you can create Outlook group, a container for collaboration, General communication, file sharing and a shared calendar. I expect with this latest lot.

“Tell me what you want” search tool was now all but OneNote, and Publisher (if I as a poet in these two cases). It is much more intuitive and useful tool as a Office help in the past and it will figure out greatly contribute to their employees how to do things you haven’t done before in the application.

Two new apps, diving and weighed, was added.

Sway is a means of creating web content from existing sources and newly created, to rule themselves. I plan to play with it a lot of writing and my experience is separated from this article, it is an interesting venture by Microsoft and deserves its own centre of gravity work on this article. I see that it is very helpful to tell one story to clients or to other parts of their organization.

Microsoft refers to immersion as a sort of electronic visiting card, where you can find the details about yourself or a colleague and the documents you or they worked. I use it as a tool for quick access to documents, not remembering himself a place on your computer or in OneDrive for business, but I suspect that it is much more than that. I think I deserve some play separately, and some thoughts on how to use it to make great value. You can find, for example, on the same topic and see if there are documents that are relevant to the company, to pin this topic and useful content can be of various boards, like Trello, if you have ever used.

As Office 2016 is working well to run on entry-level devices?

I am running Office 2016 for super-cheap, but new, laptop 1.7 GHz Intel i3, 4 GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro and Office work just fine, no worse than Office 2013.

How to easily update to implement the process?

Since I’m on Office 365 for Business, incredibly easy. Office 365 uses Click Run to install, which means that as soon as you begin the process, that is to do nothing but wait to finish it.

I expect the update using the install-media as easily, although I guess, based on my experience with installing Office 2013 downloaded media out before I’m in Office 365.

All the functions go?

Not as far as I can tell.

So should I upgrade or not?

In conclusion, the upgrade will not be problematic for employees, but there are no big incentives to upgrade only when it already has Office 365 in the I case.


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