The Ripples Of Spacetime


This is an early Golden morning in mid-July. Warm summer rain fell on the night before departure, tattle-tale puddles on the road where small children are playing, throwing stones into puddles during propagier the end of the wave. Gravity wave propagation the space-time similar to pebble-induced waves propagating in a puddle of water where children play. After albert Einstein’s General theory of relativity (1915) gravity is a phenomenon that leads to the fact that space-time curve in the presence of mass and contain more mass in a certain volume of space, the greater the curvature of space-time will be on the border of this particular volume. As objects with mass to travel in space-time, changing the curvature to change the location of these objects and, in certain circumstances, acceleration of the objects that generate changes in this curvature, which propagate outwards to the speed of light in a wave-like method of reproduction of these phenomena called gravitational waves. In February 2016, for the first time, scientists announced that they observed these waves in the fabric of space-time, confirms an important prediction of Einstein’s theory of General relativity.

Gravitational waves can come to the earth from catastrophic events in the distant universe, and this is the first observation of their real existence in nature, opens new and unprecedented look into the hidden secrets of the cosmos. This is because such promote to wear of the shafts in the space-time with a vital information about your cruel and dramatic reasons, which cannot be achieved by scientists differently. The reason is that gravitational waves, which can be reduced at the expense of regions of space, which can not penetrate the electromagnetic waves. Astronomers can now light the study of the universe using gravity as a tool and as. Therefore gravitational waves a precious gift for astronomers on earth is using this extremely important information about exotic objects very far away in the universe, like black holes. Such systems can’t be seen with one of the conventional techniques, as optical telescopes or radio telescopes. Gravitational-wave astronomy offers a valuable new understanding of how our mysterious, wonderful, strange, bizarre and certainly the universe works. This is especially true for cosmologists, because gravitational waves are a potential opportunity to capture the source of the universe. It is impossible with conventional methods of astronomy, as in the early, dark years the universe was opaque to electromagnetic radiation. Precise measurements of gravitational waves, astronomers propose a new, one-of-a-type-instrument to test Einstein’s theory of General relativity. By understanding to the understanding of gravitational waves, astronomers can calculate what happened in the initial singularity is, as a rule, intended for the birth of the universe almost 14 billion years.

After the big Bang inflationary model, which our universe was born approximately 13.8 billion years ago, when all space has arisen due to the unimaginably small patch that was much smaller than that of the proton to reach–the original singularity and then, in the tiniest fraction of a second, expanding exponentially macroscopic size. It is inconceivable that a small patch that was too small for a human, was almost-but not quite-nothing. This small patch was so extremely hot and dense that all we know, he had the idea. In a madly expanding fireball with the inflation theory of the big Bang, space babies and dazzled with extremely energy radiation, burning-hot, seething, restless boilers small glittering particles of light (photons) rich danced. All of the newborn universe was shining dazzling light. What we could see now, almost 14 billion years later, greatly expanding and expanding, darkening the legacy of the great explosion of newborns, to shout Shine. Today, humans helplessly watching them very small and dark, rocky and watery blue planet than LV-fire Universal learning soft and cold, like our space-race, in its expansion to the ends darker, finally in the dust of eternity as a ghostly smile of the Cheshire cat in the dream of a sleeping child.

According to the views of physicists found that the space-time-wave, which was produced through which fateful merger of the Duo of black holes, led to the creation of a single, massive, rotating black hole. Head-on-collision of two black holes mentioned earlier, – I was not observed, but early.

Waves in space-time were seen on September 14, 2015 5:51 pm Eastern Daylight Time, which is two dual laser interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) detectors in Livingston, Louisiana and Hanford, Washington. The LIGO observatories were funded by the national science Foundation (NSF) and companies, built and developed by scientists at the California Institute of technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The discovery was published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

On the basis of the signals was not observed, LIGO scientists calculate that damned black hole, called the event took place approximately 29 and 36 times the solar mass, and the collision and merging, after 1.3 billion years. About three times the mass of our sun gravitational waves were converted into a fraction of a second with a peak output power was approximately 50 times the entire visible universe. Looking at the arrival time of the signal detector in Livingston, the event drew 7 milliseconds before the detector in Hanford–scientists can now say that the event took place in the southern hemisphere.

According to the General theory of relativity, a black hole is a pancake-the Duo loses energy by radiation of gravitational waves. This leads to the fact that black holes slowly approach each other for billions of years, and then in the last lingering moments move much faster towards their last hug good-bye before their big power. Before blaze of glory, only a fraction of a second failure duo crash convicted along to almost half the speed of light, transformation, the birth of one massive black hole–the percentage of the combined black holes of mass into energy by the famous Einstein formula E=mc squared. This force will be thrown, as the last powerful burst of gravitational waves and a gravitational wave will be detected, LIGO.

On MIDSUMMER-discovery is the first observation of gravitational waves, which occurs independently measuring the smallest disturbances that make waves, space and time as it flies by earth. Before the first direct detection of gravitational waves is already indirect evidence of their existence. For example, measurements of the Hulse-Taylor binary system shows that gravitational waves are more than just a hypothetical concept. Potential sources for detection of gravitational waves belong to a binary star system a Duo of white dwarfs, which are the relic nuclei of dead sunlike stars, and neutron stars, relics of a richer mass of the star died in a violent supernova explosion. In addition, accident black holes also provide evidence of the actual existence in nature of gravitational waves-and in February 2016, LIGO Scientific collaboration and Virgo collaboration teams announced their historic direct detection of gravitational waves from merging pairs of black holes.


As the gravitational waves of distant observers, which observers see space time distorted the impact of the travel surge. Distances increase between free objects in and out, rhythmically, as the migration wave propagated-and he does it in the appropriate wave frequency. The magnitude of this effect is the opposite decreases with distance from the source of the wave. Damn duos of neutron stars that spiral inwards towards each other, are a particularly strong source of gravitational waves when they finally burst in another, and merge-as a result a very large crowd as they circled closer, closer, closer at last and fatal move their disastrous dance. Unfortunately, due to the huge distances to these sources, which are measured by the effects that can be said of scientists on the ground, first, very small loads of less than 1 part in 10 to the twentieth power. Scientists proved the real existence of these waves with ever more sensitive detectors.


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