The New Era of Computers


The new age of the computer has changed the way people communicate versus decades. The digital age is shifting from traditional to industrial economy on the basis of computer data. The World Wide Web exists since 1969 and is now globalized, accelerates the flow of information and shift the old forms of media into obsolescence. Computer is an electronic device used for storing and processing data. Almost everything that is electronic or controlled by computers. These devices have become a popular way to consistently collaborative to accumulate information. Companies become dependent on this kind of digital machine to keep your files, complete daily tasks, and keeping track of accounts. Almost every house is equipped with any type of mechanism. People now share those types of electronic devices or information exchange, compared with the traditional way, when people had face-to-face conversations. The new age of computers has caused people to interact with and facilitate relationships with online Dating, social media and video conferences.

Dating sites now play a significant role when it for me to participate in a romantic relationship. Online Dating is a practice seeking a romantic or sexual partners on the Internet. It is usually, they start with the mail flow. However, the modern method of Dating was to introduce people to meet each other, or the person who in a sports bar. Most people claims that Internet Dating is a great way to meet other. People have to Express themselves comfortably with yourself words, unlike physical phenomena, which eliminates the possibility of judgments and prejudices. Fifteen percent of adults in the US reported that they used online Dating sites or mobile Dating apps (2016 Smith). The sites like and number one are trust worthy online Dating sites for Dating. These web sites that allow people to start with network free, in search of his love or his life. People have a natural instinct for communication, and the Internet has become to fall in love procedure faster than it was centuries ago. Studies have shown that online Dating is accepted more and more, over time the attitude is more positive (Smith & Duggan, 2013). He also claimed that the convenience and accessibility of Internet Dating is stimulating more and more widely used and will help the development of online Dating in a social norm (Brooks, 2011).

Social media sites have changed how people communicate and socialize online. Social media to share a website or application that allows users to create or participate social networking content. Facebook and Twitter are two popular social media sites from of this new era. Facebook registered users can create profiles, upload photos, share images and upload videos. Accept requests to add a friend is the first step to establish friendship with another Facebook user. Once the request is accepted, you can start a chat between two users. After Abutaleb (2015) Facebook 1.55 billion monthly active users had than Sept. 30 percent to 14 percent from a year earlier. This 1.39 billion and productivity on mobile devices. Facebook affects the activity and social life of people in many ways. Facebook allows people using computers or mobile phones, with photos, stay connected with friends, relatives and other acquaintances wherever they are in the world, as long as you have Internet access. He again United lost family members and friends. Like the Facebook registered Twitter users post and read tweets. Twitter is a great way to get in touch with your friends and encourage interaction between students. After Hanna (2011), enterprises and organizations that want to reach online social marketing programs and campaigns in the burden for consumers. However, many businesses do not realize that, although they understand the need to be active in social media, they really do, how to do it effectively, what performance indicators should be measured and how to measure. In addition, as the company social media, creating strategies, platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter too often, as independent elements, but rather as part of an integrated system.

The video conference did not rule out a new era of computers. The invention of Webcams allows people to communicate, therefore, was to present centuries. People who no longer have to travel to the extreme distance, to the meeting or discussion. Video conference chat is also now an alternative way for teachers and their students, unlike the traditional way when she was face-to-face in class is required, this allows students and teachers to learn and teach through participation in two-way communication forums. In addition, teachers and lecturers worldwide can be brought to single, or otherwise isolated educational institutions. Students from different strata of society you can learn more about any other. Sometimes the meetings with two or more people, it’s just not possible. However, videoconferencing adds another possible alternative, and I know when a live conversation is not necessary; the sides come physically in the same place, or costs of time or travel, should be considered. For example, the program Facetime on the iPhone that allow iPhone carrier for communication through video-conferences. After Abdelkader (2014), is a powerful alternative that teachers can use to deliver lessons about distances. There are obstacles, such as travel, security, cost, time and travel can interfere with designed for intellectual exchange, it proposes to develop an adequate form to change the platform to address social and workplace.

Finally, the computer is here to stay, and we can expect more inventions of new technologies in the future. Apple Inc., Microsoft and Dell are all major developers, designers and sellers of computer electronics, computer software and online services. Apple Inc. in introduces a new all-in-one desktop, built all parts except keyboard, monitor. Unlike Apple Inc., Dell, manufacturer of computers and software, not phones. On the other hand, Microsoft is best known for its software products. Several operating systems developed by Microsoft, includes, but is not limited to Windows XP; Windows 8; Windows 10; Microsoft Office. In fact, Microsoft introduced a new browser in 2015 called Microsoft edge has an intelligent personal assistant called Cortana.

These companies play an important role in the new computer age. Our company is connected to culture via the Internet with each other. Remote access allows a person to have all of the device’s Wi-Fi to turn it on, or your smart-phone, Apple pay has the skills to make purchases in store using your iPhone or Apple watch and the car can be started and unlocked via a program called Onstar. All of this is a new revolution technology. Such things as electric cars, smart TVs and other computerized cars have proven that computer smart, and the world they will depend on you. Computers are an effective way to communicate and is positive for the person, expectations and opportunities.


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