The Moon, The Mantle, And A Mars-Sized Tragedy


Even if the planet is our closest neighbor in space, the earth can escape big moon, many ancient secrets, he’s doing very well, its exciting, confusing dance around our planet–reflects sunlight like a mirror, the star in the sky above the earth. Our moon is the mysterious inspiration for poetry and myth and symbolic perennial source of madness. But where did the moon land? Explain the leading theory of our moon, the ancient of birth is called the Giant-Impact hypothesis, which suggests that our moon was the result of a catastrophic explosion between primitive earth and a wandering, unhappy Mars-the great proto-planets which astronomers have given the name Theia. In September 2016, planetary scientists announced that they beat their information to a specific scenario that explains the tragic explosion in the past, suggesting that migration Theia threw himself on the ground-and powder it like a bowling ball confirm, watermelon.

Approximately 4.56 billion years, when our newborn solar system was still forming, Theia impact proto-earth and devastated much of our child to pieces planet. As a result of this horrific collision of old earth, rocks do not melt, only it evaporates! The elements of this earth, the rock turned into a gas in the same way that the boiling water is converted to steam. Finally, what remained from the initial pre-collision, the earth cooled and solid again the planet was formed. That old Bang Luna left.

This is due to the latest interpretation of the theory a decade ago, where the land the moon is a satellite came from, and it is based on recent measurements of the elements of the earth and the moon. Planetary scientists suggest that their new measurements acquired element inside of the earth and the moon rocks is a challenge leading hypothesis of the moon’s mysterious origins. Very small changes in the separation of the isotopes between the earth and the moon were hidden as treasure, under the limits of sensitivity of analytical methods so far.

However, this has changed in 2015 at Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) knows Geochemiker Dr. Kun Wang, then at Harvard Origins of Life Initiative postdoctoral fellow Prize and other stone Jacobsen, Professor of Geochemistry at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is developing technology for the analysis of these isotopes with an accuracy 10 times better than the best prior methods.

Dr. van and Dr. Jacobsen report in their new study, to explain the isotope differences between earth and moon rocks show the first experimental evidence that may differ between the two leading scenarios of lunar origin. Under the first scenario, a mild collision leaves in its Wake two proto-earth and moon smokescreen silicate atmosphere covers; the second, much more disastrous explosion of Theia and most of the proto-earth evaporates, to create an extension, a huge super strong liquids, of which the moon of the earth in the end.

New isotope research reinforces the arguments in favor of high-energy script, and is dated September 12, 2016 the online edition of the journal Nature. “Our findings provide the first clear evidence that the impact commented Dr. van do (mostly) the evaporation of the earth,” in the September 12, 2016 WUSTL release. Dr. van assistant professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences in the school of arts and Sciences at WUSTL.

Maniac, The Lover And The Poet

Land silver moon hanging suspended in the starry night sky above our world. Because of its great beauty and mysterious glowing night nature, moon, earth during the aeons, the inspiration for stories, myths, poetry, and magical stories. He has also served as an ancient symbol for the feminine and romantic love and madness. Some of the folk tales and children’s stories mentioning “man on the moon”, because with a little imagination-it looks like the face of the man was imprinted on our moon is a satellite of a distant surface. Other stories include “Moon Rabbit”. Fantasy and science fiction aside, our land, filling the moon is very real world in its own right. Moon lands were we are almost from the beginning, when our sun is the range of planets, moons, asteroids and comets, was the first of about 4.6 billion years. It is also the only world beyond earth, we went to a whisper leave our footprints in the lunar dust is mute testimony to what once existed we, and that we were there.

Although most astronomers believe that the moon land is a tattle-tale relic of an ancient catastrophic collision between the earth and the tragedy was Theia, efforts to confirm the leading theory of the moon-appearance, it was difficult. This is because in fact, this demonstration of the proposed old wreck depends on measuring the ratio between isotopes of silicon, titanium, oxygen, and others. These relationships are known to differ, our entire solar system and many similarities between our planet and its moon conflicted with theoretical models of ancient disaster. The reason is that these models assume that our moon was formed primarily from debris catastrophically Theia powders. So our moon would be compositionally different from earth.

Eight major planets in our solar system have their own unique composition, which can be determined by the researcher isotopes. Samples of isotopic variants of chemical elements as the element oxygen is seen in space. For Giant-Impact-hypothesis as an explanation–is that unique solar system object smashed into the ancient earth, and as a result of collision-related deposits that have made a significant contribution to the composition of the earth and moon earth and moon show different ratios of the chemical elements isotopes. However, it is the case-that our planet and its mysterious moon is almost identical in composition.

In 2001, a team of planetary scientists from the Carnegie institution in Washington reported the most precise measurement so far from isotopic signatures from lunar rock. The scientist’s amazement, they found that the rock got from the Apollo missions in the late 1960s and early 1970-ies contain alcoholic isotope signature that was identical to earth rocks, and it was different than almost all other bodies in our solar system. Because most of the debris, which form entered orbit around our great planet completely coagulated, the moon, and it was then the thoughts come from powdered Theia, these new observations was amazing. In 2007, planetary scientist from the California Institute of technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, California, announced that it is less than 1% chance that Theia and earth had identical isotopic signatures. The analysis, published in 2012, Titan-isotope turned out found in Apollo lunar samples, the moon of the earth has the same composition as the earth. These conflicts with what is expected when the earth, moon-born comrade away from earth orbit or from Theia.

Come to explain, it’s very incredible similarity, the planet had Aryan scientists from the path to form the moon mostly out of the ground–and not Theia. Dr. Wang was fascinated by the new computer models premiered in the spring of 2016 at the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference. In this new computer model, Theia crashed into the earth of the infant with such force that both mantle and Theia evaporated.

A huge impact, it was generally believed by falling often in the early days of the solar system. In fact, supercomputer modeling, and simulation of huge impact are consistent with measurements of the angular momentum of the earth-moon system and the small size of the lunar core.

Moon, Cloak, And Mars-The Great Tragedy

In the mid 1970-ies, two independent groups of astrophysicists first theorized that the moon the earth was the result of a grazing type of collision between Theia and proto-earth. In fact, the Giant-impact hypothesis does quite well for several important observations explains how the size of the moon relative to our planet.

A huge amount of energy is released in a disaster event, and the possible re-accretion of material ejected into earth orbit would have melted the outer shell of our planet, causing a sea of burning hot fire and magma. Newborns of the moon, also had its own magma-ocean. Estimates for the primitive depths of the moon-the ocean range from about 300 miles to the entire radius of the moon 1,079 miles.


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