Preventive Medicine Failure: The Flint Michigan Example


The crucial role of preventive medicine, is usually not visible until the costly blunders as to present the example of the city of flint, Michigan. Dangerous effects of lead poisoning on modern society recognizes as well that the house and public water supply systems built in the U.S. over the last two decades was completely free of lead pipe.

Old houses and public water systems were either demolished or repiped, for obvious security reasons. Get to know the city, who are not able, all your old lead pipe joints, corrosion protection to protect the inner shell of the water supply of the city. If these are the basic preventive measures (Kemper, Alex et al., 2007) have been ignored in flint, Michigan, a huge water crisis quickly developed.

Flint city treated the purchase of a healthy Huron-lake water, the Detroit water plants for over fifty years until 2013. But in 2013, the city will be selected to go built on lower water tubing, lake Huron. It led to the abolition of the Detroit City too sharply, your contract of supply of flint to leave without water.

APR 25, 2014, in a desperate movement to maintain the supply of 100 000 Flint-citizen Darnell Earley, the emergency city Manager appointed by the Governor Rick Snyder, decided (Reissman, D. B. et al., 2001) , start the flow of the water to corrosive Flint river water, without corrosion and against experts-warning. The experts recommended that, short-term contract extension with the Detroit City Flint city time it took for lead-replacement of pipes and corrosion, at an estimated price of $ 1.5 million. But that recommendation was even ahead of

Shortly after the transition of households in the flint, the bird-smell from your tap water along with the brown discoloration. Local DEQ tested and confirmed E. Coli in the flint water. Chlorine is let in the water to disable the system of the bacteria, and the citizens was that the city water is safe. January 2015, the toxic level of chlorine by-products, the amount of THM (TTHM) reported in the Flint water system.

Between April and June 4014, flint residents, deeper tan your tap water, hair loss and neurological symptoms in children. DEQ of the samples tested Flint City water and said it met Federal standards < 5 PPM lead (Handler, Phoebe, et al, 2016). He even went as far as reporting to the EPA that the flint city was not compliant in the application of erosion-control, it was true.

Flint citizens were suspicious of their DEQ, and began to conduct their own water test and blood tests for lead (Denise C. Carty et al, 2016). Was found toxic levels of lead in tap water. Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is a pediatrician at Hurley Medical Center also found an increase in the number of children with high blood pressure lead, 2.9%, and 4.9% after switching in April 2014. So, you are invited to be an expert, Dr. Edwards, of the city, which conduct water, taxes, attorney, to come from Virginia Tech and test samples of your tap water. He confirmed toxic levels of lead in water samples and notified the city Council

Less than three months poisonous Flint river water was heavily lining all of the U-lead corrodes pipes supplying water to flint city. Leaching began bringing water to the city water system and turn the water more brown.

Media pressure DR. Edward’s EPA report and the Rachel Maddow Show reports on MSNBC leads to the explanation of public health in emergency flint city Governor Rick Snyder on Ocober16, 2015. Also, a statement of the disaster, Governor Rick Snyder allegedly would not ensure that Federal’s disaster relief fund, while presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called him on MSNBC.

Flint citizens who are mostly black, who took to the streets in protest against Governor Snyder, he’s racist. To keep the affect of the situation, the government now has a pediatrician who blew the whistle in the size of the Flint water crisis disaster control committee. But the citizens continued to demand resignation of the Governor Schnider.

Of all complications of lead poisoning (Hou Shunngxing et al., 2016; Korfmacher.Katerina S., et al, 2016), at a cost of Michigan State is the most harm the brain of children in school (Finkelstein, Myra et al, 2016). Children with a low IQ and learning, not only losses, but also financial burden for the state economy for the next decade will be weak. Compare that to multiple millions of dollars, which could contain Michigan river being washed away in the first place. This is a good example of what preventive medicine needs.not in the 21st century


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