Globalization’s Impact on Accounting Research


In the past the only thing that auditor had that specialists in off-balance-sheet and tax laws for their country (Minnick). The only time she had to be experienced in any international accounting laws were, when they worked in another country or if the firm in which he worked, had stores in a different country is not their homeland. During the last 30 years or so things have changed dramatically in the accounting world, globalization and technology. To offset this accounting was very afraid of the only things the book was holder-GAAP. Now, thanks to technology that’s growing so fast it seems that the world is becoming smaller and communication with people outside the United States as widely as their parents or brothers and sisters. The idea is that the world becomes less good from the point of view of business the opportunity to expand its client base and cost savings, the ability to move jobs abroad and more opportunities for travel consultants worldwide (Gambrell).

For accounting-professional things have become much harder the older generation of auditors or to keep difficult with the changes or you go into retirement and all. For a new generation of students who are trying to enter the accounting profession, it is a serious load of course that you must pass in order to get an accounting degree today. Today, not only today’s students need to have sufficient knowledge of GAAP, but they are also versed in IFRS in the competition in the financial market today. Students also practiced with excel and technology in General to work with different companies all over the world. Textbooks are also very expensive and not always changing every few years from GAAP, changes, new tax laws, mainly because of the convergence project between GAAP and IFRS. These changes will make it so that students learn how GAAP and IFRS-laws and be able to do it well.

Even harder if you want to get a CPA, not today enough for accountants, main audit and tax work that the profession, as you know, if you have more. CPA is now well in all aspects of financial services and a well-rounded person to manage and advise clients. For the CPA exam, you have allowed your bachelor’s in accounting and a minimum of one year of practice, licensed CPA. CPA exam itself is much harder than before, and soon it will be much tougher in 2017, when the exam is changing again. After AACSB, the exam will be in four parts auditing, business environment, financial accounting and reporting and regulation. What test will make it harder IFRS-aspect, for pending changes in accounting principles under IFRS in the future. It is a struggle between what the world wants business to do your future to be an accountant and the fact that the academic world actually teaches students. With the constant changes in the convergence project and students and teachers must learn to be able, all of these changes and adjust them in the material they have learned. The biggest problem is education-wise, to the CPA in America is much stricter than in other countries. American students must obtain 150 credits, believing that only take into account the degree in other countries enough. Then the question arises: is America too harshly or the rest of the world are lax qualification as an auditor? This question is difficult to answer with different rules and cultures in which the world lives. For many years he would say that while the theory must be mediated, it is also a greater emphasis on real world case studies needs. Some institutions, such as Harvard, got an early jump on this approach, while other companies barely moves or motive (Cheng) are slow. The formation of accounting is something that probably needs to be adjusted all to the constant changes in the business world.


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