Best Ways To Protect Against Computer Viruses


Some General Tips For Protection From Computer Viruses

Use a standard user account
Use highest User Account Control) account settings (UAC)
Use an antivirus program with Web-Security
Turn on automatic updating Java
Keep your Windows up to date
Use Windows-EMET (improved Mitigation Experience Toolkit)
Use a standard user account

Well, the first thing to make sure is that your user account that you use every day-is the standard account, no admin. Why are most computer viruses these days, especially if associated with no user interaction. It does require that you work one admin, right.

If users are standard and do not have administrator rights, that’s a big deal. Then it does not mean that the virus may be able to install. Or if it is something he can’t easily hide in system files. So, if you have an antivirus program, it will remove much easier, they are all viruses that you get.

So what you have basically is an account administrator to separately create. And they make it a standard account. If you ever do something that requires administrator privileges, it will ask you to enter a password. So it’s definitely something I want to do this I recommend. And many people would say, “this is too much pain. I don’t need”. But it is really beneficial. Because it is mainly to protect themselves against computer viruses.

User Account Control ” setting of control user account (UAC)

You have higher User-Account-Control-adjustment. It’s a bit annoying. But it is certainly useful to stop a computer virus to do things, and does not install itself, if you know it. So, if you have a PDF or something. And then suddenly you get a popup window from user control that say to change something in the file system. And you can deny that.

Considering that, if you don’t have it, then he can attempt to install itself. And you won’t even know it. So it is definitely something that you should do a little more annoying. But in any case that is something you should do if you want to be safe on your computer.

Antivirus Web Security

This may be obvious, but the antivirus-particularly with web protection. And the reason to block access to computer viruses. She didn’t know what it was. In the first place-such as ESET NOD32, that’s what I love about you, what if you have a website, which can be a virus. If you have blocked himself completely. And now you don’t have to worry about it.

So I think definitely it’s good when antivirus. Most people say, “Oh… it’s common sense.” Well, sometimes you can’t afford. You go do a Google search for something. And you go to the website which was compromised. She didn’t know. Just hit Google to throw. You want to have some type of anti-virus solution for such situations. Where you don’t know you are even in the risk behavior.

Java Security Settings

This really is a common piece of software. You think you’re going to see a lot of computers. A lot of the time there are new exploits out for invincibility. So you want make sure he’s really aware of. What I will do, make sure that it allows daily updated controls, as well as “notify me before installing”. So it automatically downloads and notify before installing just before downloading.

Thus, if updates are ready, you can just click on it and confirm the installation. It is not automatically updated, as far as I know. To do now the real reason why you want to every day looking for updates, because zero-day-exploits.

Keep your Windows up to date

I think it’s pretty obvious, but I really need to calculate, provides automatic updates for Windows. I think Windows 10 you have to activate it. But just make sure that you include security updates not to put the proposal too long. Because there are important updates to go through it. It will supply block-vulnerabilities, exploits, kind of thing. And it is only important that keep in General, windows now.

Windows-EMET (improved Mitigation Experience Toolkit)

Finally, I want to talk about a really cool program called Windows-EMET (improved Mitigation Experience Toolkit). It actually was developed by Microsoft Corporation. Basically, what this does is to protect from attacks. Well, what happened, what you can download Is standard list to execute and monitor all programs that you install, no. I think that comes with many units, such as Acrobat, Microsoft Word, that sort of thing.

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And then she uses all these different and knows it. If a program tries to create a file that uses this man he will block. So many time you hear people say “the PDF files to open unknown letters”. Because they don’t think this is a virus, but his feats. This is not the actual virus program. But you will be able to install the regular legitimate software, like a virus. It’s not like exe or something. So I would definitely recommend this program.


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