All About Microsoft Excel 2016


Microsoft Excel 2016 will be released the latest version of the spreadsheet in Microsoft Office 2016, the new productivity software from Microsoft.

Microsoft comes with advance features and tools such as power query integration, in read-only mode” for Excel keyboard shortcuts for pivot tables and slicers in Microsoft Excel new chart types, a fast data link in Visio, Excel-forecasting capabilities, support for multi-select slicer items from the screen, grouping and pivot chart drill-down, and Excel-data-card.

Now you can also import data from the Internet easily and quickly, in contrast to the fact that the user will have to do it manually (copy and paste all the data and format everything in the file.

Here are tips that will lead you,

How to: import web data in Excel 2016:

Copy the following link into a web browser that contains the data you want to import.
Open MS Excel and go to the tab “data”.
Click “request” button and select it from another source.
Click From The Internet
Add source-link to “access to web content”.
Press OK and select how you want to access the data.
Click the connect button
The “Navigator” window appears after. Is loading data from a web page.
Click the table you want to import.
Click The Edit Button. MS Excel will automatically receive the data.
Click Close & Load ” button if you are satisfied with the data.
After import data from web, MS Excel will automatically save your original file link. You can right-click in the table and click the Refresh button If the data on the web has changed, the tables will be updated in Excel as well.

Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts:


If you need to get into your new Excel worksheet, just press SHIFT + F11. You will notice that we added a new worksheet, on the left side. You can then begin work on the new album you created.

CTRL + Grave accent key (`)

So show all formulas used to automatically calculate the selected cells, press the CTRL key and click the grave accent key (`), can be found on the left of key number 1 and above TAB.

CTRL + 0 and CTRL-9

if you want a particular column(N) from the point of view of your employees. Instead of “format” and select “Hide columns” just press the CTRL key and hit 0 (zero). To hide rows, hold down CTRL and press 9.

ALT + =

To add to the box automatically, you don’t need to go where the “AutoSum” button is. Select the cells that are necessary for the calculation, then press [ALT] followed by the equal sign (=) and the next cell will show as a whole.


If you work on two or more books to compare with each other or check out some of the data. Instead of spending your time that you can keep one workbook to another, just down the CTRL key and the TAB key please. Continues to hit the Tab key to the desired workbook.


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