2016 Security Check


Every year in January I write a safety article should help you to determine if you’re doing the right things, how security is affected. I’ll security break this into three categories; security door and locks, computer and personal security.

Door Home Lock Security:

This time of year, to look at your home safety. Look at your door first, you need a solid core to make them close? As for blocking; how do you have the key and you can all accounts? If not, replace the lock or re-Keying.

Does your alarm? They alerted all their doors and Windows, or at least protected motion and glass-break sensors? It’s time to test your camera, if you video surveillance. You could also the system in upgrading its alarm, so there is Wi-Fi and controlled remotely.

Computer Security:

This also includes safety for your smartphones and tablets. Make sure you scan Internet security protection for your phones and security applications that can all your downloaded apps. Your computer should automatically download and install updates. All of your online accounts should have a separate and different, very strong password at least 14 characters. Consider a password Manager to organize and remember all your passwords. If you have a Wi-Fi device in your home such as burglar alarms, baby monitoring systems, electronic locks, video camera D. make sure that you are all safe and that your password not a default password.

Personal Safety:

If in a car keep the doors locked. When you come home after dark, pull into your garage and close the door before from the car. When you purchase a night in the Park near the lights and lock the doors. Make sure you leave nothing of value visible, such as GPS devices, mobile phones or laptops. When using a debit card the money from your account will be made very quickly. If there is a problem, you may have problems getting your money back to your account. A credit card provides much better protection and someone else’s money. Only pay your credit card bills every month.

Most of these items are common sense they should have done already, most of them, but this time of year, take an inventory of your home and personal security.

George Uliano security is a professional with decades of law enforcement and security experience. He received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and business with honors. George holds three U.S. patents on different locking principles. This combination gives George and His company Locking Systems International Inc. unique opportunity to your customers with the correct security at an affordable price.


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